We have some wonderful ladies who work behind the scenes to make the WIB Club what it is today. We are so grateful to our presidents and the rest of the leadership team who are so committed to delivering the best resources, opportunities, and fun social events that this club can offer!


Leadership Team:


  • Rebecca Daun: President of Operations
  • Kelley Schauber: President of Events
  • Michelle Checketts: Advisor
  • Tina Ashby: Advisor


Events 1

  • Sabrina Weiler: Vice President
  • Whitney Holman: Team Member
  • Hyeweon Kang: Team Member
  • Micaela Cordon: Team Member
  • Chandler Lohner: Team Member
  • Maddie Wood: Team Member


Events 2

  • Michelle Blasini: Vice President
  • Kylie Horne: Team Member
  • Cate Sorensen: Team Member
  • Sally Eckel: Team Member
  • Cassie Fisher: Team Member
  • Margueret Betbeze: Team Member


Website & Tech

  • Annie Pericle: Team Member


Brand Management

  • Melissa Gonsalez: Vice President
  • Sarah Black: Team Member
  • Harrison Littledike: Team Member
  • Rachel Feldermann: Team Member
  • Ruthe Crofts: Team Member & Photographer



  • Bett Andersen: Vice President
  • Becca Dougal: Team Member
  • Zoia Ali: Team Member
  • Luana Tu’ua: Team Member



  • Clorisa Griffiths: Vice President
  • Hailey Norman: Team Member
  • Kaylin York: Team Member
  • Rebekah Golden: Team Member